Say goodbye to your reading glasses! Pilot sunglasses comes with a bifocal READING area just big enough for the purpose so that you can read with ease at 40-50 cm distance! High quality aspherical lenses moulded to perfection with added contrast enhancement for perfect eyesight in low light conditions.

This lens comes with sunfilter “0” (UV 400) and perfect for bad weather and low light conditions. Contrast enhancement where blue light is reduced to allow other colours become more clearer. You will see through rain and fog in a way you may not have experienced before.

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Our vision is to develop sunglasses with the highest possible quality for anyone who has come to the stage where reading glasses are part of our daily life. To wear sunglasses that fully cover your eyes adds extra comfort for long hours in bright sunlight. Adding prescription lenses is not a problem and with bifocal lenses, you do not have to change over to reading glasses to read small prints, what a relief!

Next Generation Sunglasses

Comfort combined with function is the key. The frame comes with lifetime warranty and made of Grilamid TR90 material which is flexible with a memory to retain the shape regardless. Lenses are the hero and here we added the colour yellow to surpress dark blue light allowing other colours to be stronger and enhance the light. This lens does not have any filter for reducing the sun light and should be worn in low light condition. 2mm polycarbonate lenses moulded in aspheric design for optical perfection.

Bifocal Aviation Sunglasses

Safety standards meets and exceed American National Standard Institute requirements for occupational health as safety glasses (ANSI Z87.1+ 2010). Lenses reduce 80% of the intensity of the sunlight and with a natural smoke filter ensure clear true view.

Optional Bifocal lenses 14 mm high from the bottom and a razor sharp transition to ensure you get a prefect view within normal reading distance. Optional reading area in the upper part of the lens can be mounted with insertion lenses – See “Pilot Optics”