Pilot Sunread

The original idea came to life by two like-minded people, one a sunglass developer and the other an aviator. The original idea of bifocal sunglasses comes from Sunread Sunglasses with many years testing of the various lenses, filters and manufacturing methods.

We are proud to launch the first model made just for aviators with a passion for their work.

With Pilotsunread’s bifocal sunglasses, you get the high quality and power you need for a perfect view in all modes of visibility. A Pilot is exposed to intense sunlight daily and it is an absolute necessity to protect your eyes from the strong radiation both in low and high altitude flight.

Now Pilotsunread presents sunglasses that both protect the pilot’s eyes from strong sunlight, UV light and make it easy to read checklists and instruments. The reading area is specially designed to provide smooth transitions between the different sight distances that occurs in the cockpit. Even the frame is designed for the sunglasses to sit comfortably during a long flight.

Design, development, and testing are done in Sweden. Lenses are moulded in Japan and assembly are done by a great factory in Taiwan.

We aim to have the best quality, both in lenses and frames but not at the highest price. Quality should be affordable, and customer service should be as good as you expect when you need service.

Hope we will exceed our goals and your expectitations, and this is just a start, much more to come!

Have a nice flight – Team Pilot Eyewear

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